About Us

The traffic of cruise ships calling at Cadiz Port has grown steadily over the last 20 years from 100 calls in 1997 to 300 in 2019 with 57.000 passengers growing to over 400.000. During this time Cadiz has become a consolidated destination port for cruise ships; on the Spanish peninsular only Barcelona has more calls than Cadiz. Now well established as a transit port Cadiz Port Authority works steadily towards becoming attractive as a turnaround port destination in the future. This is part of the ports strategic planning.

With this exciting challenge ahead the Port Authority along with the local Council, regional Government, and other private and public organizations have united with the joint objective to become a turnaround Port. Cruise Cadiz is a brand created to promote Cadiz both as a transit port as well as a turnaround port for embarkation and disembarkation. The statement Cadiz, the Essence of Andalusia brings together everything that the province of Andalusia has to offer cruise clients: an amazing opportunity to discover and enjoy this region:  Sun and beaches, gastronomy, bulls, horses, wine, culture, flamenco nature. All these experiences cherished and known worldwide can be found in Cadiz province, close at hand to be enjoyed by cruise passengers.

This positioning is completed with an eternal value such as the proximity of the port to the historic center of the capital of Cadiz, also reflected in the graphic image created, which identifies a cruise with Cadiz cathedral in the background, which is the most striking picture clearly seen when arriving at the city by sea.

We must also highlight other opportunities on which we will continue working such as regional strategic alliances, the excellent positioning of tourism of Andalusia and the Mediterranean-Atlantic location of the port, which offers the possibility of integrating two continents and up to four countries in a single itinerary.