The Port of Cadiz expects 322 cruise calls in 2020

The Port of Cadiz expects 322 cruise calls in 2020

Virtually half the days of the year no cruises are expected.

The Port of the Bay of Cadiz has announced 322 cruise calls for 2020, which would consolidate the volume of traffic in the last two years.

In 2018 the 300 stopovers were surpassed for the first time, with 322, and in 2019 it is expected to close the year with 323. If the forecasts for 2020 are fulfilled, practically half of the days of the year there would be no cruise, 115 days there would be only one ship, 57 days 2 cruises are expected, 20 days 3 ships will coincide and 6 days will share 4 transatlantic stopovers.

With this level of activity, the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority believes that there is still room to grow without saturating the city, in a sustainable way and assimilable by the environment.

In this sense, it is worth remembering the important economic impact that cruise ships leave in the environment and that, according to the latest study conducted by the Junta de Andalucía on cruise tourism in the region, the average expenditure per cruise ship and day in port of call is set at 40.6 euros, so the annual impact would amount to 18 million euros.

In the case of the base port, the expenditure amounts to 200 euros, hence the interest of both the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz (APBC) and the sector in advancing in this objective.

Another important contribution of the cruise sector from an economic and social point of view is the cruise ship repair activity developed by Navantia, which has repercussions not only in the generation of direct and indirect jobs in the factory and auxiliary industry, but also in the restaurants and shops in Cadiz, which attend to the crew and workers who live in the city while the repair work is being carried out.